Prof. Michael Ellerbrock, Ph.D.

Prof. Michael Ellerbrock, Ph.D.

Michael Ellerbrock, Ph.D., recognized as one of America’s best economics professors, directs the Center for Economic Education at Virginia Tech. Dr. Ellerbrock is widely published and has received numerous honors, including the William E. Wine Award for teaching excellence. With the Foundation for Teaching Economics, he leads week-long workshops on capitalism for high school teachers in Bulgaria, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Romania, and Slovakia.

Praise for Michael Ellerbrock, Ph.D.

“Mike presents economic theory using an engaging and conversational style that allows his students to master challenging concepts and apply them to real-world situations. He makes every student feel as if he is speaking directly to him or her. Mike views teaching not as the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire, and students will leave his course excited about economics.”
–Dixie Watts Dalton, Professor, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech University

“Dr. Mike Ellerbrock is the crème de la crème of introductory economics instructors. Over my 30+ years as a practicing Ph.D. economist, I have observed firsthand the methods and practices of many extraordinary economics professors. And while each one is notable, Dr. Ellerbrock stands out for his ability to connect economic concepts to practical, real-world events, problems, and policies. If I could start over again and enter the academy as an economics neophyte, I would want Dr. Mike as my instructor!”
–Matthew Holt, Professor and Department Head, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech University

“If you want to learn from one of the best professors in the current higher education world, then look no further because Dr. Mike Ellerbrock is it. Mike has won almost every teaching award possible at Virginia Tech and is legendary amongst the student body. Mike has a natural way of explaining basic economic concepts with real world applications. Even more impressive is his way of keeping your attention throughout his entire lecture no matter the subject. If I could think of an ideal college professor, Mike Ellerbrock would be my muse.”
–Katie White, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Dept of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

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