Samuel Loncar

Samuel Loncar

Samuel Loncar is a philosopher and scholar who specializes in the history of philosophy and religious thought. His work focuses on the ancient-modern continuum, the German tradition, and the relationship between science, technology, and religion. He earned his Ph.D. at Yale University, where he has also taught. A sought-after consultant and speaker, Dr. Loncar is also editor of the Marginalia Review of Books. He has published scholarly articles on Kierkegaard, Kant, and German Idealism, and is currently completing his book, Philosophy as Religion: From Plato to Posthumanism.

Praise for Samuel Loncar

“Samuel Loncar is smart and persuasive and a joy to listen to. His writing is both lively and profound. And his erudition is so contagious that it makes you want to drop everything and rush to the closest library.”  – Costica Bradatan, Religion and Comparative Studies Editor, Los Angeles Review of Books

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