Seanegan Sculley

Seanegan Sculley

Seanegan Sculley is a professor of history at the United States Military Academy and a colonel in the US Army. An expert in the history of the American Revolution, He earned his PhD at the University of Massachusetts. His first book, Contest for Liberty: Military Leadership in the Continental Army, 1775-1783, earned both the Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award for Best Institutional Army History for 2019 and the Harry M. Ward Book Prize for 2020.

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Praise for Seanegan Sculley:

“For a colonial American to take on the finest troops Europe could put into the field was not a task for the faint-of-heart; but George Washington did so, and he ultimately prevailed in what many contemporaries thought was ‘almost a miracle.’ In an informative and highly engaging course, Col. Sculley explains how Washington’s long career in arms led to his rise as America’s first commander-in-chief and to iconic status in national history. Sculley is a master of his subject, much of which he presents with a light touch. You won’t find a better course on General George Washington.”
–Mark Edward Lender, Professor Emeritus of History, Kean University

“For anyone seeking path breaking insight about George Washington as a military leader, search no farther than this absorbing course presented by Col. Seanegan Sculley. Sculley’s riveting commentary is not only enlightening but also entertaining. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for greater depth of knowledge about the life, times, and accomplishments of the foremost patriot military leader of the American Revolutionary era.”
–James Kirby Martin, Cullen University Professor of History, Emeritus, University of Houston 

“How to forge an army strong enough to win the War for Independence but disciplined enough not to threaten the liberty for which the war was fought? No one knows more about the ways in which George Washington empowered and restrained the Continental Army – as well as the new national government it made possible – than Sean Sculley.”
–Rob McDonald, Professor of History, United States Military Academy at West Point 

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