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About Us




Now You Know Media helps you learn every day. Lifelong learning is the flame that sparks human progress and flourishing. Exceptional teachers kindle that flame, opening our minds to the world’s limitless possibilities.

Have you ever known a teacher who ignited your curiosity and challenged your worldview? Who helped mold who you are today? If you have, you understand that teachers are irreplaceable. Although experience and the internet inform us, superb teachers do much more: they inspire, guide, and transform our lives.

Until now, only those fortunate to attend their classrooms could experience the world’s best educators. Motivated by the teachers who touched our own lives, the NYKM team finds the top lecture professors, records them in our studios, and delivers their wisdom to you in convenient audio and video formats.

With our treasure trove of insightful talks by these extraordinary men and women, you can turn your daily commute into an educational oasis. Or enhance your workouts with mind-inspiring lectures on the subjects that most captivate your imagination.


Our History

Our story began in 2006 with a bold dream and a rented studio. Michael Bloom, a distance learning entrepreneur, and Dan Mollura, an investment banker-turned-physician, saw technology as the key to democratized learning. If media could syndicate news, entertainment, and sports, why not teaching? We wanted to channel the timeless power of lecture-based learning into cutting-edge media.

We wrote our mission statement with five guiding principles, including a spirit of generosity. Great teachers are generous with their time, discoveries, and expertise. They dedicate themselves to their students’ growth, and we wanted to give them a technological platform to reach lifelong learners like you, wherever you might be.




Our Programs

Now You Know Media brings you the best minds on the most in-demand subjects. Our courses cover an array of disciplines: history, literature, psychology, spirituality, philosophy, religion, science, and more. In our catalog, you’ll also find archival recordings of late luminaries like Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen.

Our experts presenters hail from Oxford, Amherst, Brown, Georgetown, and dozens of other top institutions. Combining skillful scholarship with lively instruction, they will enlighten and entertain, engage and inform you.

Many of our courses include complimentary study guides, comprising outlines, suggested readings, and review questions. With these materials at your fingertips, you can deepen your critical thinking and hold group discussions. Each course is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.




You are reading this because you recognize the vital role great teachers play in your life. Perhaps part of you wishes you could experience college anew, exploring the most important questions of human existence with one of these great professors. To flourish, you realize that our minds need to absorb new knowledge each day.

We invite you to sit in the front row of the world’s premier lecture halls. Please take a few minutes to browse our website, which boasts our full collection of more than 350 offerings. To receive a curated print catalog in the each month, please enter your mailing information here: Free Catalog.

Enjoy a lifetime of learning.


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