Prof. Judson Everitt

Prof. Judson Everitt

Prof. Judson Everitt received Loyola University of Chicago’s Master Teacher Award and the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Freshmen. His research examines professional training in education, as well as the impact of education policies on teachers’ work and students’ transitions through formal schooling. The author of Lesson Plans: The Institutional Demands of Becoming a Teacher, Professor Everitt teaches undergraduate courses in the sociology of education as well as graduate courses in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Praise for Prof Everitt

“Judson Everitt has won numerous teaching awards, authored several articles related to teaching sociology, and is co-editor of a major textbook on the Sociology of Education. He has an impressive record of research and research publication in the field of Sociology of Education based on his extensive ethnographic research of teacher education and student teachers. Everitt is also well established in the fields of sociology and education as a practitioner and researcher on cutting edge digital teaching technologies.”

–William A. Corsaro, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Indiana University

“Dr. Judson Everitt is one of the best professors teaching in the classroom. From teaching awards to super high student evaluations, Dr. Everitt has a way of engaging with students to help them learn. Part of this is a result of studying teachers for years, which is highlighted in his book Lesson Plans.”

–Rashawn Ray, Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland

“For nearly two decades, Judson has been inspiring students in the classroom through creative, dynamic, and engaging pedagogy. His expertise is accessible and of tremendous value to all teachers, students, and family members who care about education. Judson’s knowledge has helped many, myself included, become much more effective teachers.”

–Todd Beer, Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology, Lake Forest College

“Dr. Judson Everitt is a very engaging and relaxed instructor. His presentations flow like a conversation among friends discussing important topics. He conveys a sense of talking with you rather than talking at you.”

–Jay R. Howard, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Butler University

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