African American History: True Stories That Were Rarely Taught In School

Podcast-style audio course - 5 Topics
Length: 4 hrs and 56 mins
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Audio Download + Subscription
Audio Download + Subscription
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Learn from five remarkable professors in a set of One Day University presentations on African American History.

The term African American generally denotes descendants of enslaved Africans who are from the United States, and constitute the second largest racial group in the US. African-American history began in the 16th century, with Africans being sold to European slave traders and transported across the Atlantic to the Thirteen Colonies. During Reconstruction, they gained citizenship and the right to vote, but due to White supremacy, they were largely treated as second-class citizens and found themselves soon disenfranchised in the South. These circumstances only slowly changed due to participation in the military conflicts of the United States, substantial migration out of the South, the elimination of legal racial segregation, and the civil rights movement which sought political and social freedom.


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  1. The Black Founding Father Every American Should Know - Richard Newman / Rochester Institute of Technology
  2. The Visionary Genius of Frederick Douglass - Richard Bell / University of Maryland
  3. Martin Luther King: A Legacy Revisited - Peniel Joseph / University of Texas at Austin
  4. The Remarkable Musical History of Motown - Gil Harel / Brandeis University
  5. Rosa Parks: Her True Story and Legacy - Brenna Greer / Wellesley College


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